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For those individuals who are looking to remove pesky, unwanted hair safely and with permanent results, Electrolysis may be just what you need.  There are several different hair removal methods that are available to consumers today, some temporary and some permanent. Advances in laser technology have resulted in quick and relatively painless laser hair removal treatments, but even after several laser treatments, this method can only guarantee up to 90% permanent hair removal. Those looking for a 100% permanent solution to their unwanted hair problems can greatly benefit from hair removal by Electrolysis.

Electrolysis is performed with a tool called an ‘Epilator'. An epilator is a tiny surgical, needle like device that is used to actively treat each individual hair follicle with short energy pulses.  The technician performing your procedure will treat each individual hair by inserting the epilator into every single hair follicle in order to direct an impulse of energy down to the root of the hair. Each energy pulse will cause localized damage to the area surrounding the hair follicle. When inserted correctly, the epilator will not puncture the skin; instead it will slide directly into the follicle alongside the hair. This process is very slow and exact, but the time and care taken by the technician ensures permanent results.

100% permanent hair removal by Electrolysis can not be completed in just one treatment, it is a weakening process. Each treatment will cause the hairs directly treated to die, but the energy impulses will stimulate new hair growth directly around the previously damaged area. The stimulated hair will grow in finer and thinner but will continually need to be treated until its growth stops completely.

Depending on a number of factors, Electrolysis can take up to four years to be successfully completed. The time needed will be based on the specific area that is being treated as well as the patients hair depth and density. While all other hair removal methods are fast and easier, only Electrolysis can guarantee 100% permanent results. With regularly spaced treatments, with Electrolysis, the removal of unwanted hair can become a permanent reality.

We offer Electrolysis at Cheryl’s Hair Removal Center because, while laser hair removal may be a quicker solution, not everyone can undergo laser treatments.  Those individuals with blonde, gray, white and red hair will not see effective laser results, but they can with Electrolysis.  In addition, those consumers who choose to go the laser route may find that laser treatments are only about 90% successful.  Oftentimes at Cheryl’s we will combine laser and electrolysis in order to get individuals the results that they want.  Not sure which hair removal treatment is right for you?  Visit our center today for your free consultation and let us take a look.  Once you come in, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get started sooner!

Cost Comparison: Laser vs. Electrolysis

Area Treated Average 15-60 Minute Electroylsis Cost Number of Electrolysis Treatments Electrolysis Cost Laser Cost Per Treatment Number of Laser Treatments
Upper Lip $22 per 15 Minute Treatment 15-40
Over 1-2 years
$330-$880 $50-$125 Treatment Time 1-4 Minutes 3-8
Bikini Line $44 per 30 Minute Treatment 25-40
Over 1-2 Years
$1,100-$1,760 $150-$295 Treatment Time 10-20 Minutes 3-8
Underarms $44 per 30 Minute Treatment 25-40
Over 1-2 Years
$1,100-$1,760 $150-$300 Treatment Time 4-10 Minutes 3-8
Man's Back $88 per 1 Hour Treatment 100-250 Hours
Over 2-3 Years
$11,000-$26,400 $750-$1,200 Treatment Time 1-2 Hours 3-8
Legs (Ankle to Bikini) $88 per 1 Hour Treatment 100-250 Hours
Over 2-3 Years
$8,800-$22,400 $600-$1,200 Treatment Time 1-2 Hours 3-8

** All of the above are only examples. You could multiply what your electrologist charges you times (X's) the number (#) of treatments to get a better idea of your cost. Your cost could be lower or higher depending on what your electrologist charges, also waxed and tweezed hairs may need more treatments than hair that has not been previously tampered with. **

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