Laser Hair Removal

We have just purchased the newest laser for hair removal in Buffalo, NY. This new laser cuts down on treatments while also cutting down on the pain often associated with laser hair removal for some individuals who are sensitive to pain.

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We have invested over 2 million dollars in equipment to help Buffalonians look and feel there very best! After all we are the oldest laser clinic in Buffalo since 1998!

Laser Hair Removal at Cheryl’s Hair Removal Center in Buffalo New York is a revolutionary new way for men and women to enjoy a hairfree lifestyle. No more irritating stubble. We all have hair on our face and body; some of us more than others. For embarrassing, unwanted hair, there are several hair removal options—some are temporary and others are permanent. While shaving, waxing and tweezing unwanted hair may be a faster alternative, there is always a downside, the hair grows back! Why continue to fight daily with unwanted hair when a series of laser treatments can take care of it once and for all? At Cheryl’s we have what it takes to get you hair free once and for all!

Laser Hair Removal is an innovative treatment because it targets and destroys actively growing hair follicles. During the laser treatment, the laser targets the melanin or pigment found within the hair follicles. When the laser is passed over the treatment area, the energy from the laser passes through the outer layers of skin and down to the hair follicles below with injuring surrounding tissue. The laser energy transforms into heat which effectively disables the hair follicle; once a hair follicle is disabled, it will no longer grow back.

While Laser Hair Removal is an effective form of hair removal, it is important for patients to know that the hair removal process will not be complete with just one treatment. Your hair grows in three stages—the active stage, the shedding stage and the resting stage—and can only be targeted when it is in the active growth stage. Because of this, Cheryl’s Laser Hair Removal patients will need multiple treatments in order to see effective hair reduction results. By following your treatment guidelines carefully, you’ll experience the hair free results you’ve been looking for.

If you want to learn more about the Laser Hair Removal treatments offered at Cheryl’s Hair Removal Center, feel free to come in for a complimentary consultation. Our laser technicians are more than happy to take the time to sit with you and discuss any questions or concerns you may have about this revolutionary procedure. We will inform you of the attributes that make up a good candidate and determine whether or not the Laser Hair Removal procedure is right for you.

Right now GET 50% Off All laser hair removal treatments to remove unwanted hair.

We are confident that we can help you with your unwanted hair needs, we will design a treatment plan specifically for you that will get you optimal hair removal results. Don’t settle for second rate treatments, you can feel confident you are getting the best treatments possible when you visit Cheryl’s Hair Removal Center. Call Cheryl’s today for more information and see how we can help you remove your unwanted hair for good, 716-631-5525.